Your most popular questions. Answered.

How can we offer top quality produce at an affordable price?

We have worked hard to build a strong relationship with experienced suppliers from Eretz Yisrael who sell only the finest and freshest Arba’as Haminim. Our lulav, esrog, hadassim and aravos varieties from Eretz Yisrael  are sourced from a number of famous Israeli orchards. 

We have also sourced some of the highly sought after Italian grown esrogim from the famous fields of Calabria.

Whilst the market perception has been wired to believe that price is indicative of the quality, we aim to disrupt this falacy. As a matter of fact, our Arba’as Haminim have been carefully selected to ensure that the lulav, esrog, hadass and aravah you buy from B&H Sukkot will be generally at a higher quality than those available from most providers in Australia.

Whether you call it an etrog or esrog, buy online from B&H Sukkot, and know that you'll be getting the best value and the highest quality Arba’as Haminim for the cheapest price on offer in Australia.

Can I choose my lulav and esrog?

YES! We will be purchasing an additional 10-20% of each item to ensure that there is a range from which our customers can select.

Our customers will be invited to come to a "market style" collection venue where they will be able to select from the range available at the pre-purchased level of quality.

What Hechsherim do you have?

All of our products are grown in Eretz Yisrael and carry the highest level of "hechsher" (Rabbinic supervision).

Certification documents can be seen upon request. 

What payment methods can I use?

We accept credit cards including Visa and Mastercard. We also accept EFT direct bank transfers.