About Us

B&H Sukkot was started in 2018 with a goal of making the mitzvos of Sukkot accessible to every Jew in Australia.

We all know that living an Orthodox Jewish lifestyle comes with significant financial pressures. As a result of the sky-rocketing prices of Arba’as Haminim in recent years, many Australian Jews have been placed in a position where they simply cannot afford to fulfil the mitzvah with beautiful, high quality Arba’as Haminim.

The festival of Sukkot is also known as the ‘festival of joy’. At B&H Sukkot, we believe in this idea and want to share the Simchas Yom Tov with every Jew.

We have worked hard to build a strong relationship with experienced suppliers from Eretz Yisrael who sell only the finest and freshest Arba’as Haminim. Our lulav, esrog, hadassim and aravos varieties are mostly sourced from a number of famous Israeli orchards. We have also sourced some of the highly sought after Italian grown esrogim from the famous fields of Calabria.

Each of our Ordan (standard), Chazon Ish, Calabrian and Yemenite esrogim are offered in five grades of quality. Standard and premium lulavim are available, as well as a number of extra-premium options for Deri and Deri-Kora lulavim. Our hadassim also come with a range of qualities and hechsherim including from Rav ES Weiss, Rav Brandsdorfer and Rav YY Klein. Our aravos are a breed of willow frond that replicates the characteristics of varieties found in the USA. "USA" aravos typically have bigger leaves and are known for being more durable than the Israeli varieties.

We have also employed the services of experienced shipping and quarantine professionals to ensure that our Arba’as Haminim arrives on time.

Whilst the market perception has been wired to believe that price is indicative of the quality, we aim to disrupt this falacy. As a matter of fact, our Arba’as Haminim have been carefully selected to ensure that the lulav, esrog, hadass and aravah you buy from B&H Sukkot will be generally at a higher quality than those available from most providers in Australia.

Whether you call it an etrog or esrog, buy online from B&H Sukkot, and know that you'll be getting the best value and the highest quality Arba’as Haminim on offer in Australia.

In 2020, B&H Sukkot will be servicing the following locations;

Melbourne – including Balaclava, Bentleigh, Brighton, Carnegie, Doncaster, Elsternwick, Elwood, North Caulfield, South Caulfield, Kew, Malvern, Ripponlea, East St Kilda and Toorak.

Sydney – Eastern suburbs including; Bellevue Hill, Bondi, Dover Heights, Maroubra, Rose Bay, Vaucluse. North Shore suburbs including; Chatswood, Killara, Lindfield & St Ives.

Canberra - including Manuka, Giralang, Forrest, and more.