WIN a FREE Mehadrin* Set!

To celebrate the launch of B&H Sukkot we are giving YOU the chance to win a FREE Mehadrin set of Arba’a Minim!

The lucky winner will be able to choose* from one of our Ordan, Chazon Ish, Calabrian or Yemenite pre-designed Mehadrin sets (see SELECT-A-SET).

To complete your entry, please 

1) *LIKE* our FACEBOOK page (click here) for contest updates and other exciting announcements.

2) Comment on the competition post (click here) and tell us in 25 words or less what you will buy for Yom Tov with the money saved by buying your Arba’a Minim from B&H Sukkot!

Please don’t forget to *SHARE* our page or *TAG* any friends and family members who would also love to enter!

Entries close Tu B’Av** 

*Or get a free upgrade or refund up to the value of a Mehadrin set of your choice.

**11:59pm, 26 July 2018.

For full Terms & Conditions of the “Win-A-Set Social Media Competition” click here.