How do I keep my Arba'a Minim fresh?

We all want our set of Arba’as HaMinim to be fresh and Kosher for the whole holiday. Here are some tips sourced from the best experts in the world.


An esrog does not need refrigeration. In fact, many experts advise against storing an esrog in the refrigerator since it might accidentally be damaged by other contents of the refrigerator or get frostbite.

The best location to store your esrog is in a box in a cool and dry place such as a closet. The box should be padded, especially if you have purchased an esrog with a pitom.


The lulav, like the esrog, needs only shade. When it comes to the lulav, the primary concern is preventing damage to the tiyomet (e.g. when opening and closing the carry case).

Hadasim and Aravos

When removing your Hadassim and Aravos from the packets, please only remove them by gently sliding them downwards through the bottom of the plastic bags. If you try to remove them by sliding them up towards the top, the leaves will likely fall off.

Once the lulav is bound with the hadassim and aravos attached, the optimal method for preserving the hadassim and aravos is to lightly spray them with water and keep them wrapped in aluminium foil. Many experts do not recommend the use of a damp cloth.

For those with koishalach (holder), the hadassim and aravos may be removed, however care must be taken to avoid damaging the leaves.

Amongst the Arba’as Haminim, the aravah is the fastest to become dry. Whilst some people replace their aravos every two days, it is possible to preserve your aravos by placing them in a moist towel or in a bucket with some water if necessary.