Arba'a Minim Set (Calabrian Esrog)

Arba'a Minim Set (Calabrian Esrog)

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All of our products are hand picked and individually selected by experts from the top orchards in Eretz Yisroel.

Italian grown Calabrian esrogrim are also available here

We sell only the finest and freshest four species.

Each set includes;

  • 1 x Kfar Chabad Calabrian Esrog (with or without pitom)
  • 1 x Lulav
  • 3 x Hadassim 
  • 2 x Aravos
  • 1 x Woven Holder (Optional)

To buy a plastic carry case, click here.

Our esrogim vary in quality from Regular, MehudarMehadrin, Mefuar and Meyuchad. Mefuar and Meyuchad are top of the range products, offering truly exceptional Grade A and Grade AA quality.

All Mehadrin grade sets and above come with Premium lulavim. Deri and Deri-Kora lulavim are also available as part of our fully customised sets (‘Build-A-Set’).

Hadassim included in pre-designed set combinations have a hechsher from Rav Eliezer Simcha Weiss. All Mehadrin grade sets and above come with Mehadrin hadassimHadassim with a hechsher from Rav Brandsdorfer or Rav YY Klein are also available as part of our fully customised sets (‘Build-A-Set’).

Aravos are the same level of quality for all sets.

The Woven Holder (Kaishelach) is a Y-shaped basket made from the leaves of lulavim.